Best Small Islands with Beaches near Phuket

Best Small Islands with Beaches near Phuket


Beaches on Islands near Phuket

Many times I have been asked which are the best small islands with beaches near Phuket?

The Island of Phuket is surrounded by an extraordinary number of small islands located mainly on its east coast, from tiny rocks to livable larger pieces of land emerging from the surface of the Andaman Sea (I researched twenty-two of them for you), each one providing you with a sense of freedom and an idyllic escape from the crowd. Discover with me some of the most beautiful small islands near Phuket, as well as their unique characteristics!

You’ll see that there is a wide range of different islands types (some bigger, smaller, deserted, kid-friendly, you name it) that can match the interests of different individuals.

So, which of these islands is the one for you?

Are you looking to spend the night?
Take a closer look at the ones I picked for you:

  • Koh He (Coral Island) with the Coral Island Resort, its restaurant/bar, and a lot to offer for the younger crowd, such as parasailing, banana boats, etc.;
  • Koh Naka Yai Island with its two high high-end luxury resorts, two beach clubs, a few smaller places to stay, and numerous beaches all around its shores to choose from;
  • Ko Yao Islands (Yai & Noi) with their great vibes, loads of beaches to explore on a motorbike, plenty of activities to choose from, as well as a wide choice of accommodation and restaurants/bars.

You can also find accommodation on the following islands: Koh Lawa Yai, Koh Lon, Koh Maiton, Koh Maphrao, Koh Racha Yai, Koh Raet, Koh Rang Noi and Koh Sire. Click below for more information!

Are you looking for a nice but somehow more of a quiet day trip?
Let me tell you about some of my favorite islands for a good day away from the hustle of Phuket Island:

  • Koh Bon Island is quiet, with good food, great vibe, and a beautiful soft sandy beach;
  • Koh Kaeo Yai Island is perfect for a picnic with the family on a lovely beach, great for snorkeling, and houses a small Buddhist shrine;
  • Koh Khai Nok Island is quiet outside the 10 to 4 pm boat-tour hours and has a nice white sand area with some huts for food and refreshments. It is quite a stunning sight to the eyes, and worth the trip even if it’s just for a few hours swimming and snorkeling!

Are you looking for a quick few hours away from Phuket?

  • Kho Tapao Islands (Yai & Noi) have no facilities but are easy to go to and relax for a few hours;
  • Koh Kaeo Noi Island is a small rocky island which is great for a quick hike around if you can persuade the captain to drop you off;
  • Koh Khai Nai Island is a “very” small island (45 m) which is hard to access but with snack stands for the adventurous sailors.

It’s up to you, whether you like to be with the in-crowd, on the outside searching for a quiet and relaxing day on a smaller beach, snorkeling with the fish in beautiful clear water, or hiking in a peaceful setting, you can surely find your perfect fit by looking into our collection of small islands near Phuket.

Check below to get all the information, as well as an extensive photo gallery and on-site video footage, on your preferred islands near Phuket. We provide detailed information on each small island and its beach(es): can you stay overnight or not and the type of accommodation you can find; how (by ferries, long-tail or speed boats) and from where (pier name, location) can you get to your preferred island; the activities (swim, snorkel, surf, etc) and facilities (showers, restrooms, sunbeds, umbrellas, etc) available. We go on and on with more facts and details such as places to eat or drink (restaurants/bars/beach clubs), the beach length/wide, estimated area and the direction it’s facing, as well as the quality of the water and the sand.

Check it out!…

This blog is the only source providing in-depth information about twenty-two of the small islands near Phuket with their beaches and other facilities. No one has ever gone that deep trying to collect so much data as to enable you to make a fully informed choice when you decide to go on a cruise around Phuket with your friends or family, looking for a beach on an island near Phuket.

Now you can finally make an informed decision!

Browse through all the small islands near Phuket listed below, and pick up the one that suits your quest

Small Islands near Phuket

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