10 Amazing Phuket Beaches near Patong

10 Amazing Phuket Beaches near Patong Beach
Phuket Beach Blogs


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Phuket Beach Blogs


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“You have just arrived on the lovely island of Phuket, and you’re going to want to visit a beach as soon as possible.”

With our thorough list of awesome beaches within a short 30-40minute drive (depending traffic) of your hotel in Patong, you won’t waste time driving around and looking for your preferred beach! You will have 10 great beaches to choose from, with directions from Patong Beach for each one.

Before we start, you’re probably wondering –

“Which beaches have snorkeling? Food? Running? Which are good for families? How do I choose one of these 10 beaches based on what I need?”

We’ve got you covered! We summarize under “Reasons to Go” each of the main features of the beach in a list of bullet points. Skim those first to see which Phuket beaches have the features you want, and then read the description for those beaches.

And then what?

Don’t waste any time – grab a towel and swimsuit and get going, the beach is waiting!

If you’re ready to go, I am. Let’s start off with a couple of the best beaches in Phuket…!


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