17 Best Phuket Surfing Beaches

17 Best Phuket Surfing Beaches
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Phuket Beach Blogs


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Yes, it’s possible to surf on Phuket!  Waves reach 3 meters (10 feet)! Here are the 17 best Phuket surf beaches you can try for yourself! Read this guide to surfing Phuket and print it out because you’re going to need it. If you need an instant answer to where to go – Kata Beach surfing is usually the most popular and has some of the best waves, but if it’s cranking there, you’ll also find great surf at some of these other beaches!

Phuket surfing may be something you’ve never heard of, but every year from the months of May through September, you can be assured of some good days with surf big enough to ride! This is Thailand’s monsoon season when low-pressure systems work their magic on the waves hitting Phuket’s west coast. If you’re planning your vacation and want to try to target the best waves Phuket has to offer, it’s all luck, but the best waves of the season are always found during May/June or during September, so book your room for surfing Phuket then!

Phuket Island Surfing Stokes

  • Warm water year-round
  • Mild waves are usually safe for beginners (not kids)
  • Some EPIC swells 3+ meters (10 feet) nearly every year
  • Party atmosphere, cheap digs, and food
  • Uncrowded mornings, potentially ALL DAY!

Water temperature is always good – year-round from 27°C to 29°C (81-84°F). That’s bathwater conditions for most of us. Wave conditions are highly variable, and one day it can be mush, and the next few days a meter plus, and smooth as glass. It all depends. That’s surfing, right?

There are a few Phuket surf reports at the bottom of this guide where you can get wave estimates, and a place for finding out about Phuket tides, but your best shot at finding the biggest and cleanest waves is going to be driving up and down the coast looking for which spots are going-off close to you! Don’t drive too much looking for the ultimate wave though, you’re not going to find the North Shore’s Pipeline here, but the surf is crazy-fun nonetheless.

Waves in the .5 meter (2-feet) range are considered ‘good surf’ on Phuket, so you’d be best to pack a longboard, not a gun or a shortboard. Better yet, don’t pack your surfboard to Phuket – rent one here! That said, the availability of high-quality bodyboards in Phuket for rent is lacking. Bring yours and your Churchill fins if you want to be happy.

We don’t cover windsurfing, paddleboarding, or kitesurfing in this guide, only unassisted surfboard riding – and bodyboarding, if that’s your thing. If that’s what you want, look no further, we have found all the best surfing beaches for you, and we give you the details you need to find the best surf spots and rent a board! Let’s Go!

Oh, and one more thing… this list of great places to surf in Phuket is in alphabetical order. That means the last beach mentioned, could be the one with killer surf today, and the first beach might be flat as a windless lake. It really pays to do a quick drive around in the early morning and see what’s going on at multiple beaches. Phuket is not that big, and if you go early, there isn’t much traffic to get through. Dawn patrol!

Oh, and one more thing… do be careful. Phuket has wicked undertows (rip-tides) that kill many people each year, children and adults alike. Do NOT go into rough water alone, and without great swimming skills and the ability to read a dangerous situation. Warning flags are posted at most beaches, but not all. Stay safe surfers!

More Phuket Surf Resources

Tides Phuket

Here’s a great site that lists Phuket tides in an easy-to-read format:

Phuket Surf Reports

Phuket Yearly Surf Contests – dates to be announced.

  • Kata Beach – July
  • Kamala Beach – August
  • Surin Beach – September
  • Khao Lak (Memories Beach) – October

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