4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids (Ages 12-18)

4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids Ages 12-18
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Phuket Beach Blogs


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If you’re traveling with kids 12-18 years old to Phuket Island, you’ll want to know where the top Phuket beaches for families are and what there is for them to do. It makes your job a lot easier in planning your vacation if there is something for the kids to do – we know! Read over the features of these 4 top Phuket family beaches to see if you can find that one thing that’s most important for you and your family.

Criteria – Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids Ages 12-18

  • Not so crowded – easy to keep track of everyone
  • Clean, soft sand for throwing Frisbee (discs), kicking a ball
  • Gentle waves during high season (November through April)
  • Snorkeling or other water activities!
  • Shade trees
  • Sandy bottom (under water), infrequent rocks or coral
  • Low probability of stingrays

That last one is a rather important consideration. Though not very common at Phuket’s beaches, stingrays are sometimes seen. They rest just under a thin layer of sand, and when stepped on they swing their tail, lashing legs or feet with their venomous barbs. It’s not a pleasant experience – we know from experience! So, we’ve chosen beaches on the west side of the island to lessen the chance that any stingrays are encountered.

Quick First Aid Tip for Jellyfish or Stingray Stings – See any lifeguard present and apply vinegar and heating packs (40°C) to help counteract the venom. Then go quickly to a hospital for bad stings, and in any case when there is difficulty breathing, racing heart, or other serious symptoms.

It’s no secret, that for decades, Phuket’s beaches were made for adults coming from every country in the world. Only recently has Thailand’s Tourist Authority decided to target families and other quality tourists. This is great news for families with children, who in the past didn’t have many options. Today there are a handful of great beaches to choose from. Read our recommendations below and see if you can find the perfect beaches for your stay.

Best Beaches for Families with Kids 12-18 years old

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