5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12

5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12
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Searching for the 5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12? Your search has ended! You can stop searching for Phuket family resorts and beaches – we’ve got the 5 best of the best right here. Bookmark this page before you lose it.

We even tell you the best toys to bring for your kids to play with at the beach!

When you bring your family to Phuket for the first time, you will probably feel a little unsure about just what is going to be facing you when you arrive. In the past, Thailand hasn’t been known as the top family destination in the world, like it has been for singles. You have heard that Thailand is the place for singles and couples who want to enjoy the nonstop nightlife – right?

Times have changed, and Thailand is quickly becoming one of the top family destinations on the planet. In recent years, Thailand’s Tourist Authority has been focused on changing the demographic of visitors from the backpacker and sex-tourist crowd, to higher quality tourists like people with families, retirees, and visitors in the upper-classes.

Of course, Patong’s nightlife isn’t going away anytime soon, it’s one of the strong allures of Phuket, along with world-class beaches and reasonable cost of vacationing for weeks at a time.

So, you’re coming to Phuket with your children (child) under 12, and you want to know, “Which beaches are going to be best for us?”

We’ll operate on the idea that more is more for kids under 12. The more activity going on at the beach, and your accommodations, the better. The more your child can do and look at, the better. He or she may not be ready to hang a couple hundred meters in the air under a parachute being pulled behind a boat – that’s OK! But, I’ll bet they enjoy watching it happen for a while and it helps kids understand that there’s more to life than sled riding or skiing in your home country!

What Criteria Do We Use for Recommending the Best Phuket Family Beaches?

  • Great kid-friendly resort
  • Soft sand to play in
  • Good food at the beach, or at the resort
  • Safe to access
  • Trees or umbrellas to shelter you from the sun
  • Gentle waves and shallow water, and/or an awesome swimming pool

We list 5 Phuket beaches that fit these criteria below. Keep in mind that there are plenty of things for kids to do at a beach, but if you bring some – that’s so much better. Fill a carry-on with things for your child to do while in Phuket, and your childrens’ vacation will be so much better. Yours too! Know what? Why not make the toys you bring a surprise – you know how kids love surprises!

List of Fun Beach Toys to Bring to Phuket

  • Sand Darts! These come under a variety of names, but search your local toy store or online at Amazon for sand darts or lawn darts. They come with a circle ring (target), and you stand back and see if you can get one or more of the darts in the target. This is great for two or more kids, or a parent and adult.
  • Frisbee! Or other flying disc. Flippy discs are great (soft material)
  • Disc Golf, or Ring Toss
  • Kite (small one)
  • Snorkel mask, snorkel, and some shoes to protect feet from shells and coral

Buy these Toys at a Beach Store on Phuket

  • Plastic shovels, buckets, sand sifters, and molds
  • Inflatable animal float or mattress
  • Boats or something else to float in the water

List of the Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12 yrs. of Age

In no particular order, choose from some of these top Phuket beaches for kids and let us know how you get on!

Sure, there are some other family-oriented beaches and resorts on Phuket Island, and you may find another that is worth going to, but if you start with this list you cannot go wrong!

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